The Peoples Power Assembly is calling for a week of action to show support for all of the workers who are on the front lines keeping us safe.  They include not only hospital workers, nurses, aides, and doctors, but also grocery, warehouse, Amazon, delivery workers, bus drivers, sanitation, postal, FedEx, fast food & restaurant, farm workers, factory, construction and many others. We salute and thank all of these workers who are risking their lives in this pandemic!


The week’s launch will begin on Tuesday, April 28th, “Workers Memorial Day” which was designated by unions  to commemorate workers who lost their lives on the job and to promote safe work conditions.  The week will culminate with a safe “car caravan” on May 1st, May Day, International Workers Day.   Sign up on Facebook:

Here is a list of things that we will be doing.

We invite everyone to join us in any way that you are able.

  • Salute Sanitation workers: Display a sign at your trash pick up site “thanking sanitation workers” or paint or tape it on your trash receptacle.  Use this picture for pre-made signs or make your own.   PDF you Baltimore sanitation workers
  • Distributing thank you flyers to grocery workers, including Target and Walmart.
  • Support postal workers with a sign on or near your mailbox.  PDF you postal workers
  • Tuesday, April 28th, “Workers Memorial Day” press virtual press conference to give voice to workers in our city and state.
  • Wednesday, April 29, Special speak out by an Amazon immigrant worker and other Amazon workers!  Time and details to be announced.                  Call:  410-218-4835.
  • Thursday, April 30, we will hold an appreciation clap, music & signs at shift change at a local hospital to demonstrate our appreciation —      Call 410-218-4835 for details (when and where).  We will wear masks, do social distancing, and have no more than ten persons at a site.
  • The week will culminate with a safe “car caravan” on May 1st, May Day, International Workers Day.   Sign up on Facebook


Strike — Don’t die for Trump, bankers or billionaires!

No work, shopping or paying rent

Workers and community groups across the country are calling for a general strike.  This means that on May Day, International Workers Day, we do not work, shop or pay rent.  If you are able please plan ahead to stay home on Friday, May 1st.

Many essential workers, including hospital workers, grocery, warehouse (Amazon), delivery workers, bus drivers, postal, teachers and FedEx workers and many others are being forced to work without adequate protection.   Workers have a right to refuse unsafe work conditions; and in this case it’s a matter of life and death.  Send a message to bosses everywhere that our lives are more important than their profits.


1. Adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all workers including hospital, grocery, delivery drivers, food and restaurant, retail, sanitation workers, farm workers, bus drivers, postal workers, construction workers;

2.  Declare grocery, delivery drivers, food, warehouse workers, farm workers, etc as essential so that they can have priority in obtaining PPE.

3.  Hazard pay for all, no worker should be paid next to nothing to risk their lives during this pandemic;

4.  Full sick pay for all, including older workers and those who have vulnerable  health conditions who should be allowed to take sick leave to preserve their life and health.

5.  Proper safety precautions including plastic barriers at cash registers, social distancing, and adequate sanitation;

6.  COVID testing for all!

7.  Free healthcare for all

8.  Guaranteed $2,000 a month income for all unemployed workers including gig workers and self-employed .

9.  Relief fund for migrant workers who have been excluded from other funds.

10.  Cancel rents, mortgages & utility bills.

11.   Prisoners are workers too; protect and release prisoners and ICE detainees

12.  Say NO to racism,war and bigotry of all kinds during this pandemic.  We need solidarity with each other to fight the virus