Peoples Power Assembly Condemns Blue Angels & Thunderbirds Fly Over

Peoples Power Assembly Condemns Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Fly Over

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Our front line workers whether they are nurses, nursing assistants, doctors, hospital janitorial staff or warehouse, grocery, farm, food processing, sanitation, or postal workers need personal protective equipment, full paid sick leave, hazard pay, and safe working conditions–not a $60,000 an hour salute .

People are suffering in Baltimore.  Food insecurity is a reality for families and individuals; unemployment insurance payments have yet to be processed, and teachers and children do not yet have the necessary resources and tools for remote learning.  

The problems of the homeless remain unsolved. Jails and detention centers are steadily becoming death camps.  Immigrant and migrant workers have been effectively shut out of even meager benefits.

It has also been pointed out that the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flight pattern focuses on the white wealthy areas of Baltimore and disregards the Black community.

The close to trillion dollar Pentagon budget has siphoned off badly needed funds for our cities and towns.  This pandemic underscores more than ever the need for global solidarity not war and racism, including sanctions which starve and hold people hostage.  

Trump, send that money to our heroes!