Unemployed Workers Committee to Stop Evictions, Foreclosures & Utility Shut Offs

Unemployed Workers Committee to Stop Evictions, Foreclosures and Utility Shut Offs  “Through solidarity we can protect each other against capitalist greed & injustice”

If we can’t work, then we can’t pay!  No to evictions, foreclosures and utility shut-offs until we are back to work and this crisis is over.  The Peoples Power Assembly is initiating a special Unemployed Workers Committee and their supporters.  

Become a part of a mutual aid network of community members, neighbors, friends and co-workers to defend our community from evictions, foreclosures and utility shut-offs.   

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Here are seven of the things the group has listed that it will do:

  1. Stop evictions and foreclosures through mass action; by forming a human shield to physically prevent evictions;
  2. Advocate for government and sheriff’s departments to extend no eviction and foreclosure orders until people are safe, back to work and able to pay; 
  3. Hold the big landlords and banks responsible during this crisis which includes demanding no rent increases, evictions or foreclosures and housing fit for human beings;
  4. Work to ensure unemployment rights and guaranteed income for all jobless workers;
  5. Protect unemployed workers, the homeless, and also small landlords who are at the mercy of the big banks, whose foreclosures will impact their tenants;
  6. Demand safe working conditions and hazard pay for all workers to ensure that they do not get sick or spread infection to their families and friends; 
  7. Defend the community from utility shut-offs: heat, water and light are a right!

The Peoples Power Assembly sees the launching of this “Mutual Aid Group” as a continuation of our protests against racism and police terror. Those most impacted are Black, Latinx and poor workers; in fact, it was the 2008 subprime mortgage foreclosure scandal in combination with deindustrialization and the loss of union jobs that stripped wealth from Black and Latinx families and devastated whole communities.

We invite all groups and individuals to join and we pledge to unite with all groups who want to stop evictions and defend workers and the poor.  We meet monthly both through zoom and outside with strict social distancing and masks.

Become a mutual aid member.  (In this case our mutual aid is not so much about food or other resources ((if you would like to join our food is a right mutual aid at Douglas Homes, let us know)) but about putting our bodies, brains and love for one another together to protect our community.)

Members pledge to respond to the best of their ability to form a human chain to protect unemployed workers from sheriff and landlord actions.  This is just one way to be a part of the committee. There is something that everyone can contribute during this crisis.  If you are not able to leave your home or apartment you can help by phone banking and spreading the word. The most important thing is that through solidarity we can love and protect each other against capitalist greed and injustice.  

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To join go to: www.PeoplesPowerAssembly.org 410-218-4835