March & April Events

Important activities for March and the beginning of April

Saturday, March 18th – Say No to Endless U.S. Wars – Fund People’s Needs, Not the War Machine. Join the Baltimore and Feed the People, Not the Pentagon Contingents

10 am Baltimore & Maryland Groups gather at the Ynot Lot, North Ave & Charles St for a brief send off to car pool & take the Marc Train.  

11 am – Cars & Marc Train leaves at 11 am.  North Ave & Charles is within walking distance to the train station and one block from the car pool from the Harriet Tubman Solidarity Center.  

Please fill out the FORM if you are interested in transportation or other information. 

The action is called on the anniversary of the Iraq war by the ANSWER coalition, United Antiwar Coalition, Peoples Power Assembly, Popular Resistance, Black Alliance for Peace, Youth Against War & Racism and hundreds of groups.  

If you need a ride or other information please fill out this  FORM


Saturday, March 25th, Night of Solidarity with Cuba

6 pm to 8:30 pm @ NoMuNoMu Art Collaborative, 

709 N. Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 

Dinner – Speakers – Music


Hear Special Guest Speaker: David Ramirez Alvarez, 2nd Secretary Cuban Embassy

Dinner includes: Cuban style Shrimp & Grits Roasted Turkey & Ham, Cuban Black Beans, Rice, dessert & more including cash bar 

All proceeds help with educational travel to Cuba

Donate Paypal Venmo@SolidarityCenter or

Checks made to Solidarity Center, mail to 703 E. 37th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

Very important DO NOT write Cuba on checks, Paypal or Venmo.

You may also donate at the door, but please fill out this form so we have adequate food.

Suggested ticket price $10 to $25. If you cannot donate, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Bring your family, friends and coworkers – there will be ample time to ask questions.

Sponsored by:  Peoples Power Assembly, Women In Struggle, Friends of Latin America


Monday, April 3, 5 pm

City Hall, 100 Holliday Street

Commemorating the April 4, anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King Jr.



Restore Food Stamp Cuts and Expand Food Stamps

Rollback Prices

End Food Deserts

Sponsored by:  Peoples Power Assembly, Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association, Unemployed Workers Union

Baltimore will march to D.C. to demand justice!


Attend the weekly organizing committee meetings – Wednesday’s 6 pm to 7 pm on Zoom

REGISTER FOR ORGANIZING MEETING  *Both the student and community focus groups have posters & flyers available to distribute and post.  

Friday, June 17th, we will March and Caravan from Baltimore City to Washington D.C. to highlight our local and national grievances and demands. 




Wednesday, May 4, 6 pm to 7 pm on Zoom

The National Welfare Rights Union will be holding its national conference in Baltimore from June 15 to 16th and the caravan will follow the conference. To register go to  

This March and Caravan will leave Baltimore City Hall, 100 Holliday Streets at 10 am Friday, June 17 and will arrive on Saturday, June 18th for the national Low Wage Workers Assembly Gathering in D.C.   No one is expected to walk the entire 41 miles, we will have plenty of transportation for those who are unable to walk distances. 

Reverend Chambers will be speaking on Saturday at the D.C. gathering.

Your energy and voice are needed!

It is critical that we make our demands heard loud and clear.

  • Food is a Right!  Roll back food, gas & utility prices – Increase food stamps & lower the income criteria to include more Marylanders and seniors.
  • Jobs, or income now – Maryland pay unemployed workers their benefits now 
  • Living wage and union rights for all workers
  • Roll back predatory rent increases –  Rent control now – No evictions – Stop privatization of public housing – affordable housing for all
  • Expand and protect voter rights – No to racism, sexism & bigotry – End police terror – Immigrant & Indigenous rights – Human rights for all prisoners.
  • Fund education, healthcare & housing, Not war!  Feed the people, not the Pentagon.

Please endorse the event and consider joining a focus group: youth & students; unions & workers; community outreach; food is a right; logistics and fundraising.

There are a million ways your organization can be helpful.  Build a contingent of your group or issue in the March, help with food and transportation, greet us on the day of the March along the route.  We will be taking the historic civil rights March route on Rt 1.  

Yours in struggle,

Rev Chambers, National Co-Chair Welfare Rights Organization; Rev. CD Witherspoon; Sharon Black, Peoples Power Assembly; Dr. Marvin ‘Doc’ Cheatham, Seniors United, Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association; Attorney Alec Summerfield, Unemployed Workers Union; Ellie McCraw, Youth Against War & Racism; Rasika Ruwanpathirana, Md Amazon Workers Union; Joyce Butler, Prisoners Solidarity Committee  (partial list of signers)



Protest Hogan’s Stopping Pandemic Benefits Early – Statement from Unemployed Workers Union

Statement from the Unemployed Workers Union on Hogan’s Announcement on Curtailing Pandemic Benefits Early 

We condemn Maryland Governor Hogan’s abrupt decision to curtail federal pandemic benefits early, giving the unemployed just one month’s notice. Just weeks earlier, the State Labor Department said that Maryland would not be joining states that returned benefits.

Looking beyond the false rhetoric that “benefits are keeping people from taking jobs” are the facts. The April jobs figures were deeply disappointing. Dow Jones estimated one million new jobs; instead, new jobs totaled only 266,000.  

The national unemployment rate inched up to 6/1%; Maryland’s is slightly higher at 6.2%, Baltimore City 7.6%, and Prince George’s County 8%.

We assert that the motive of removing the meager federal safety net (which costs the State nothing) is to create an ever large and desperate group of unemployed that will push wages and benefits down for all workers.

It is the responsibility of the government to protect and defend all of its people. It is reprehensible for the State to leave workers at the mercy of the so-called “market” rather than planning for decent-paying jobs, dignity, and economic stability for everyone. 

Where is the “Public Works Program”? Is the Labor Department opening up its doors and providing training and job placement?  

Insult to Injury = People Have Not Received Their Benefits. 

The Peoples Power Assembly has filed two separate “Freedom of Information Requests” with the State. The first is to provide our organization with the number of people who have yet to receive benefits through the Beacon system, whether State or Federal, and the second is to give the number of people who received the one-time grant while they were delayed benefits. To date, we have heard from no one who has received the State benefit.

Instead, we have heard horror stories from people who have not received a dime of their benefits despite applying a year ago. 

The Peoples Power Assembly has launched the Maryland Unemployed Workers Union to help fight for our rights and obtain our State and CARES Act benefits. Together and united, we can win! We want jobs or income now! Halt evictions, foreclosures, and repossessions for all unemployed workers.  

Every Thursday, from 6 pm to 8 pm — we hold a clinic for workers to file formal grievances and appeals. A pro-bono attorney and assistants are present to fill out grievances and execute letters to the Labor Secretary and Governor.

Join us in front of our office at 2011 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. (We will assemble in front outdoors and masked for everyone’s comfort and safety.) The clinic will take place rain or shine. If our tents are not adequate, we will meet inside and maintain social distance.

We realize that people who live outside the Baltimore metropolitan area cannot make it in person. Please let us know, and we will arrange a zoom call—text 410-218-4835 with your email, telephone, and information.

National March for Palestine 5/29

Join the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly at the Saturday, May 29th  #NationalMarch4Palestine

The War on Palestine, is made in the U.S.  The bombs that drop on Gaza are U.S. funded.  

The people of Baltimore desperately need money for jobs, schools, education and healthcare, not a war of terror against the Palestinian people.  We say no to apartheid Israel!

National March For Palestine – Washington D.C., May 29th, 3 pm to 8 pm

Gather at the Lincoln Memorial

The Peoples Power Assembly has endorsed and will be organizing car caravans.

Meet at our office at 11:30 am.  We will leave at 12 noon.  If you can drive or need a ride please text us at 410-218-4835. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  The PPA will have water.

For more logistical details see:

#SanctionIsrael.  #March4Palestine #SaveSheikhJarrah #StopJerusalemExpulsions #DefendJerusalem #OngoingNakba #NoForcedDisplacement #DispossessionIsAWarCrime #Jerusalem #Settlements #illegalSettlements #SheikhJarrah #SanctionIsrael

Nat’l Day of Solidarity with BAmazon Workers – Baltimore Action


Come out, this Saturday, March 20, 2 pm

Gather @ City Hall, 100 Holliday Street

March to Whole Foods


Rev Annie Chambers Speaks Out In Support of BAmazon Workers

Women In Struggle / Mujeres En Struggle Speak Out In Support of BAmazon Workers

Social distancing and masks please. We will have PPE available.

For those desiring to stay inside cars, please park nearest to the War Memorial Plaza Eastside. Roll down your windows to hear the rally.  We will have a car caravan route for the March to Whole Foods.

March 20 is the next national day of action in solidarity with Alabama Amazon workers.

Please join us on Saturday, March 20, to send a clear message to Jeff Bezos and Amazon that we support the Bessemer Alabama workers who are standing up for a union. We say stop union-busting!

Workers everywhere inspired by the majority, Black workers in Bessemer fighting to win the first U.S. union at Amazon, are prepared to continue building the solidarity movement that’s arisen around this historic struggle!

The weekend of March 20 is also the U.N. Anti-Racism Day, with actions worldwide. March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. These two calls for action are connected, as we know that the fight against racism and building worker power are inextricably linked.

A few weeks are left until voting in Bessemer ends on March 29. As Amazon and their union busters, Morgan Lewis, continue to roll out dirty trick after dirty trick, our demonstration will come at a consequential time.

Baltimore activists and community leaders have urged City Council members to pass a resolution. We haven’t heard back yet.

So we will plan a protest at City Hall and then March to Whole Foods.

Join March 20 in solidarity with Alabama Amazon workers & against racism and union-busting!

Initiated by Southern Workers Assembly and Support Amazon Workers Union

The local protest is sponsored and endorsed by (list in formation):

Baltimore and Maryland Amazon Workers for Justice

Peoples Power Assembly

Reverend Annie Chambers

Dr. Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, President, Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association (West Baltimore)

Reverend CD Witherspoon

Prisoners Solidarity Committee

Women in Struggle/Mujeres En Lucha

Dr. Kenneth Morgan, Coalition Black Trade Unionist * for ID only

Baltimore Peace Action

Popular Resistance

Bill Goodin, writer, The National Black Unity News, and community activist

Struggle La Lucha

Youth Against War & Racism

Kermit Leibensperger, Shop steward, UFCW Local 1994

Cleve Andrew Pulley, Fired Walmart worker and Coordinator, Mass Action Coalition to Jail Killer Cops

Courtney Jenkins, President Coalition Black Trade Unionist, Baltimore

Malaya, Baltimore

Ujima People’s Progress Party

Palestinian Youth Movement

Ending Vaccine Apartheid – Baltimore City Proposals

Ending Vaccine Apartheid in Baltimore – Saving Lives Campaign Proposals

Community leaders held a press conference to end “Vaccine Apartheid” in Baltimore, calling for concrete remedies to Maryland’s vaccine rollout disparity. Participants included: Reverend Annie Chambers, Peoples Power Assembly, and Douglas Homes advocate; Dr. “Doc” Marvin Cheatham, President, Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association (West Baltimore); Leon Purnell, director Men’s and Family Center (East Baltimore); Joyce Butler, Prisoners Solidarity Committee; and Sharon Black, retired RN and Peoples Power Assembly.

The press conference took place on a blustery cold day in front of Dallas Court at Douglas Homes. Reverend Chambers stated, “In this small housing court, three people who died from COVID and a fourth have developed serious COVID illness. I have also lost a family member to COVID.”

Sharon Black, “We are asking for a minute of silence for the lives lost to COVID; you can see that this is not an abstract question for us. We will not rest until every person who wants a vaccine gets one and that we beat COVID in Baltimore.”

“Give Baltimore the damn vaccine!” proclaimed Cheatham. His organization has been actively engaged with neighborhood outreach since the pandemic began. Cheatham stressed that Coppin State University should become a site for vaccination, “It sits in the heart of West Baltimore, and it enables residents to easily access the vaccine.”

Leon Purnell stated, “Our residents don’t have internet access and the ability to navigate the complex systems, and they are being left behind. He exclaimed, “We already have the vans that can do work in the Eastside.”  

“Our prisoners must get the vaccine! They are our relatives and loved ones. We are continually getting reports that there is inadequate PPE and they are getting sick”, stated Joyce Butler from the Prisoners Solidarity Committee.

The above groups and representatives seek meetings with City officials, the Baltimore Health Department, the State government, and National Guard representatives to discuss some of the concrete steps they seek.

This is the statement and demands they announced:



As community leaders and organizations, we have come together to form a “Baltimore Saving Lives Campaign.” We both seek to expose and highlight the disparity in vaccine distribution and put forward solutions.  

Black, Brown, and poor communities of Baltimore have been left behind. The facts are there, and the urgency is real. In the last year, Black people’s life expectancy has dropped a full 2.7 years. Due to COVID, this is the first time in U.S. history that we have seen such a sharp decline.

Those most in need have been pushed to the back of the line. This is due to the method that vaccines have been rolled out. Complex, confusing and impossible internet sign-ups, phone lines that people cannot get through, and lack of transportation have created barriers.

Our most vulnerable elders, those without digital access and transportation, must get the vaccine. This includes low-wage essential workers, those living in public housing, in the streets, and those who are being forgotten in the patchwork of confusing delivery systems.

Our goal is to see that everyone who wants a vaccine gets a vaccine. Our goal is to beat COVID in Baltimore.  

Our proposals are based on that larger goal. We MUST be proactive and think beyond the initial rollout, which has been a failure. A failure that has obviously left out the people of Baltimore. We need to prepare now, not wait!

These are our initial proposals:







  • Churches & Closed Recreation Centers
  • Coppin State University – West Baltimore
  • Men’s and Family Center – East Baltimore


  •  The zip code priorities set at the Convention Center site have left off many housing projects, including Douglas Homes. With the detection of the virus at Latrobe Homes, setting up mobile units to cover each area is urgent. 


  • Baltimore County is already providing free uber transportation


  • The City can use its own guidelines based on the fact that many of our residents are at greater risk. For instance, the COVID death rate for Black, Latinx, and low-wage and essential workers is higher, regardless of age. In Washington D.C., Mayor Muriel Browser lowered the age for vaccinations in heavily Black wards. This was because the Black population’s death rates were higher, and life expectancy was shorter. We must think out of the box, including exploring other vaccine sources if needed. 


  • Plans must be made to immediately go into action when one-shot vaccines are delivered. Many states have already begun using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.


  • While the prison system is run primarily by the State, many of the incarcerated population are from Baltimore City. We must strongly advocate that all prisoners be vaccinated and have adequate PPE. 


  • Many of these workers suffer from underlying health conditions, yet they are forced to work with no protection. This includes grocery workers, retail clerks, fast food and restaurant workers, bus drivers, etc. Let’s get them vaccinated as soon as possible.
  • Involve the unions in making plans to protect their workers.



  • We are urging weekly briefings with the Saving Our Lives Campaign and others with the City and State representatives, including the Baltimore City Health Department, representatives of the Mayor’s Office, the Governor, and the National Guard.  

Saturday, End Vaccine Apartheid Rally & Sunday, Justice 4 George Floyd Protest


Join us this Saturday, Feb. 6, 2 pm @ 247 N. Dallas Ct., Baltimore, MD 21231 

at Douglas Homes for a Press Conference & Speak Out.


Join community leaders:

Partial list:

Rev. Annie Chambers, Peoples Power Assembly and Douglas Homes;

Dr. ‘Doc’ Marvin Cheatham, President, Matthew A. Henson Neighborhood Association, West Baltimore;

Leon Purnell, Director, Men & Family Center, East Baltimore;

Sharon Black, retired registered nurse, East Baltimore and many others including families whose members are incarcerated and the homeless.

We will bring attention to the racism and disparity in the vaccine roll out. This includes discussing the recent revelation of the detection of coronavirus in the Latrobe Homes sewage system.

We will offer solutions as we aim to bring attention to the problem.

All are invited to attend and participate.

Social distancing and masks mandatory. (We will have PPE on hand).

SUNDAY Justice for George Floyd – Trial Begins for Derek Chauvin

Sunday, March 7, 5 pm to 6:30 pm

Gather at 2011 N. Charles, Baltimore, MD 21218


Social distancing and masks mandatory (We will have PPE on hand).

See below for those who can participate in cars.

Derek Chauvin is the first of the four killer cops to stand trial for the murder of George Floyd. The trial is set to begin Monday, March 8 (with jury selection). The whole world witnessed the brutality that stole George Floyd’s life. People took to the streets in cities and towns in every state in this country to demand justice for him and for all those murdered by police.

Baltimore answers the call of the National Alliance for Racist and Political Repression to hold solidarity rallies all over the country.

This trial is not only important for Minnesota, which has never seen a white police officer prosecuted for murdering a Black person. It is important for the entire country, which was set aflame in rebellion after Floyd’s murder. We will not rest until we see all four of George Floyd’s killers taken off the streets, and our communities have the power to decide who polices our communities and how our communities are policed. Stand with us.

Justice for George! All power to the people!

It is possible to stay in your car for this action. Otherwise, face coverings and social distancing are mandatory.

We will hold a candlelight vigil for George Floyd as the sun sets.   We will have candles but if you would like to bring you own, please do.

Your help is needed now for both
of these events to cover costs
Thank you in advance, every donation counts.



Open Letter to Jeff Bezos & the Alabama Amazon workers

From former Baltimore Amazon workers

Dear Bezos and Amazon workers,

We are sending all of our support, love and solidarity to the Bessemer, Alabama, Amazon workers in their fight for a union and for workers power.  

Trust us, we know how brutal warehouse conditions are: the impossible quotas and pressure to keep up; the lack of safety and concern for workers who are risking their lives during this pandemic without hazard pay; the constant monitoring of our every move; breaks that are way too short and bathrooms that are way too far; and so much more.

Like Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement, Bessemer workers are leading the way.  

We salute your courage given everything that the company has done to discourage, intimidate and stop workers from having a fair vote.  Shame on you, Amazon, that you would oppose mail-in votes.  

Win or lose, no one will forget this battle against workplace injustice.

What will be remembered, Jeff Bezos, is your greed and callousness during this pandemic.  

You made thirteen billion dollars ($13,000,000,000) in one day after the pandemic caused Amazon’s stock price to surge. This set a record for the largest single-day increase in individual wealth ever recorded. Yes, corona cash has been good for you, Bezos, despite the fact that 20,000 workers have tested positive, and that you withdrew hazard pay while you were cashing in.   

You could have taken that one day corona windfall and paid all 876,000 Amazon workers each a $105,000 bonus.

The Alabama workers’ battle is truly a fight between David and Goliath, which is taking place in the birthplace of the civil rights movement. We must all pick a side; as the union song goes, “Which side are you on?”  

We urge everyone to pick the side of the Bessemer, Alabama, workers!

Yours for United Workers’ Action,

Sharon Black, Rasika Ruwanpathirana, Steven Ceci

Former Baltimore Amazon warehouse workers

Facebook Shuts Down Peoples Power Assembly Page – Act to Stop Censorship

Facebook shuts down community, women’s groups and activists’ pages without cause

Groups announce campaign to restore pages and to fight censorship

On Friday, January 22, 2021, Facebook disabled the main pages of two major community organizations, Peoples Power Assembly and Women In Struggle / Mujeres En Lucha, and activists around the country who have played roles in either group, extending it’s purge to Puerto Rican activist Berta Joubert-Ceci; Greg Butterfield, Struggle La Lucha writer; Cheryl La Bash, co-chair, National Network on Cuba; Maggie Vascassenno, Los Angeles Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice; and others.

It also included PPA page editor Charlene Lady J. Jenkins, a founder of “What’s Up Baltimore,” whose Baltimore grassroots network was shut down as a result.

In addition, 16 individual activists’ profiles were disabled, which means that close to a dozen other progressive pages and groups were frozen when their administrators were disabled, including: the Baltimore Harriet Tubman Solidarity Center, ICE Out of Baltimore, Prisoners Solidarity Committee, Youth Against War & Racism, and Baltimore and Maryland Amazon Workers. 

Sharon Black stated: “Facebook’s disabling of pages and the accounts of major activists who have not violated community standards is meant to silence and censor our voices. The Peoples Power Assembly has played a significant role in the Baltimore Black Lives Matter protests in the summer and more recently opposing Trump’s effort to overturn the election. On Dr. King Jr.’s birthday holiday, we held a car caravan to Jessup Correctional Institute and the Howard County Immigrant Detention Center to demand justice for prisoners and detainees.” 

Berta Joubert-Ceci, founder of the Women’s Fightback National Network/Red Nacional de Mujeres en Lucha and Women In Struggle, stated, “It is appalling — the cowardice of Facebook in silencing the voices of women and progressive people who struggle for justice and a better life for all.”  Joubert-Ceci is also an organizer of the International Peoples’ Tribunal on U.S. Colonial Crimes in Puerto Rico.  Her personal page used to connect with the Puerto Rican movement was deleted along with Women In Struggle.

Attorney Summerfield concluded, “We intend to fight this!  This includes waging a public campaign to demand that the pages of all activists and the groups they represent are reactivated.  We intend to use every avenue at our disposal,  including legal remedies, to stop the censorship of voices that are too often marginalized.”

Groups are urging people to contact Facebook at:

Twitter: @_Finkd (Mark Zuckerberg); @Facebook @guyro (VP Integrity @ Facebook)

Email:; and

Phone: 650-543-4800 or 650-308-7300

Tell Facebook:  Stop silencing the voices of community, workers, anti-racists, BIPOC, women’s, anti-war and socialist groups. Restore all the pages: Peoples Power Assembly, Women In Struggle / Mujeres En Lucha, and all of the activists impacted and the pages they administer.  This includes: Sharon Black, Berta Joubert Ceci, Cheryl LaBash, Greg Butterfield, Maggie Vascassenno, Rasika Ruwanpathirana, Andre Powell, Elizabeth Toledo, Steven Ceci, Lallan Schoenstein, Charlene Lady J Jenkins, Alec Zomerfeld, Andrew Cancon, Miranda Etel, David Card, and Ian Andrew Schlakman. 

Dr King Jr. Weekend – Unite against racism, war & bigotry – Jail Trump – Stand up for workers & poor peoples rights!

Rally & Car Caravan



The Peoples Power Assembly will hold a rally and car caravan on Monday, January 18, 12 noon, gathering at 2011 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218 (car caravan will leave at 1 pm sharp) and travel to Jessup Correctional Institute and ICE detention center to demand justice for those behind bars.

We will also hold a virtual speak out before the caravan and at different intervals during the day.  If you would like to be a part of the speak out please email us at or call 410-218-4835 so that we can record your statement.  We will play as many as possible on January 18.



The ugly and vicious racist coup attempt by Trump and his fascist followers, is not over.  Many of these same groups are planning actions at local state capitols and again in Washington D.C. on January 17, on the Dr. King Jr. holiday weekend, leading up to the January 20 Inauguration.

Trump’s fascist movement is a threat to all workers and is particularly aimed at overturning the movement against racism and police terror.  

It is critical that we mobilize on Dr. King Jr. weekend, in whatever way is possible — car caravans, socially distancing protests, sick outs, strikes —  in our cities and towns.  We must send a clear message that the majority of workers and poor are deeply and actively opposed to the confederate flag waving mob that seeks to turn history back.

We will not let them define this weekend.  Let’s build a massive car caravan.

Please donate to make this weekend a success:  DONATE HERE or donate Venmo@SolidarityCenter