Urgent Prisoners Solidarity Needed

Prisoners Urgently Need Soap, Showers, PPE and Safe Conditions – Car Caravan & Protest at the offices of Robert L. Green, Secretary of Public Safety & Correctional Services

Thursday, July 23, Gather at 11 am

@ 2011 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218 to decorate cars 

12 noon at 300 East Joppa Rd, Towson, MD. 21204

For those who are able we will have a short social distancing protest & press conference — For more information call:  410-218-4835


While we continue our fight to abolish the racist mass incarceration system, prisoners from Cumberland, Jessup and Baltimore have written and called the Prisoners Solidarity Committee and the Peoples Power Assembly about immediate and urgent needs.

They are desperately concerned for their safety and the health of their fellow inmates.  Prisoners are not receiving adequate soap, showers or PPE.  Their complaints are being muffled and censored.

On Thursday, we will car caravan to the offices of Robert L. Green, Secretary of Public Safety and Correctional Services in Towson to amplify their demands..  

We will meet at 11 am to decorate cars and get staged.  Our route is too long to march so we will caravan.  But we will do a social distancing picket/rally/press conference at the offices at 12 noon if you want to meet us there.

Please wear masks and be safe. 

Donate to keep our movement growing.

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Saturday 7/18 March & Car Caravan; Thursday 7/16 Organizing Meeting

March & Car Caravan
Saturday, July 18, 2 pm
National Protests: Stop Police Crimes! Community Control Now!  Free Them All!
Gather @ 2011 N. Charles Street

March to the west side for special announcements


For more info. Call: 410-218-4835

THIS Thursday, July 16
Peoples Power Assembly Organizing Meeting
7 pm to 8:30 pm
Register in advance for this meeting:


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The Statement from the National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression NAARPR follows local activities.

Stop Police Crimes! Community Control Now! Free Them All! July 18th Day of Protest

We are calling a national day of protest in what has now been a double-edged sword of crisis, with the pandemic on the one edge, and the horrific racist injustices against Black people on the other.

The fact that we have entered a new era of rebellion unprecedented in the annals of US history is now recognized by the powers that be, as well as the hucksters in the mass media, and all strands of the people’s movement.

We are issuing this call for a national day of protest not only in a moment of outrage, but also in the greatest crisis this country has seen.

What is at stake? The lives of our people are daily stolen by the ravages of Covid-19—particularly in the Deep South where our population is concentrated—and also the unabated crimes of murder and assault against our people by the police in virtually every major city in the United States.

We must place the demand for community control of the police at the center of the struggle to end police crimes and tyranny over our people.

The highest principle in the struggle is for us to assert our inalienable democratic right to determine who polices our communities and how our communities are policed. To avoid going down the blind alleys of piecemeal reforms, this must be our rock bottom demand.

Yes, defund the police. Yes, demilitarize the police. To make this happen people must be in control of the policing. So we are calling on all the various strands of the people’s movement—workers and all oppressed people—to join us on July 18th for a national day of protest demanding community control of the police, and continuing to demand depopulation of prisons, jails and detention centers which are death traps of the people confined in these institutions.

We also demand the freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Sundiatta Acoli, Jalil Muntaquim, Veroza Bowers, Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald, and all political prisoners who were in the Black Panther Party, many of whom have been locked down for over four decades, and also all those wrongfully convicted as a result of racist frame-ups as well as the survivors of torture like Gerald Reed, Tamon Russell who still languish in prison decades after they were wrongfully convicted. We must continue to relentlessly fight for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and all those wantonly murdered by the police.

By being organized we are prepared to help the masses of our people to raise and fight for the demands in this call to end racist genocidal policies and practices of the police, and to stand in united struggle with all the democratic forces agitated into action by the present rebellion. WE HAVE MADE THE DEMANDS OF THE PEOPLE THE DEMANDS OF OUR MOVEMENT! JOIN US JULY 18TH IN UNITED PROTEST THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY!

Atlanta needs your urgent support – please sign petition

Sign the petition to stop the destruction of the Rayshard Brooks memorial 

Tell Atlanta officials: Hands off the Rayshard Brooks memorial!

From: July 10, 2020 Struggle – La Lucha

Return Wendy’s to community control

Sign the petition 

On June 12, 2020, Rayshard Brooks was murdered by officers of the Atlanta Police Department at the Wendy’s drive-through on University Avenue. Many community members witnessed the murder and were traumatized by the sight of Rayshard, a Black man and father, being shot in the back, kicked while he was down and his body stood on by a police officer as he lay dying. 

This happened in a poor, working-class, Black community that has witnessed and experienced the brutality of the APD for years. This time, the community decided to take control of this sacred space as a liberated zone for justice, grieving and community control. 

On Monday, July 6, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and the Atlanta police violently stole this liberated space from the community and destroyed Rayshard Brooks’ memorial. We demand:

  1. Return the community property, including posters, flowers and other donations, that were stolen from the Rayshard Brooks memorial.
  1. Return to our community the Wendy’s and surrounding area where Rayshard Brooks was murdered by the APD, as our healing and liberated zone. Police hands off!

Sign the petition

Petition initiated by the Peoples Power Assembly – Atlanta

On the 4th of July March & Car Caravan to Abolish Racist Mass Incarceration & Free Mumia Abu Jamal and all Political Prisoners

“Struggle Saturday’s” continuing our Saturday protests against racism & police terror.  Saturday, July 4, 2 pm


On the fourth of July we join national protests for Mumia Abu Jamal and all political prisoners

July 4, Saturday, we march against the racist mass incarceration system and in solidarity with all prisoners behind bars and detention centers and their families.  We will hear from  the family members of those incarcerated and demand an end to mass incarceration and freedom for all political prisoners.

We commemorate Frederick Douglas and remember his famous speech:  “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?”  Excerpts by James Earl Jones  From Mumia Abu Jamal read by Bernadette Devlin McAliskey


Saturday, July 4, 2 pm 

Gather at 20th & N Charles Street

For a March & Car Caravan

Following our March we will hold a brief assembly and hear from the family members and loved ones of those locked behind bars before returning to our departure site.  

For more information call:  410-218-4835


Donations needed to help with mobilization costs.
Every donation regardless of size is deeply appreciated.




Dear friends in struggle,

We wanted to send our sincerest thank you to all of you who have been in the trenches these past weeks: whether you have protested in the streets or in your car, provided water and organized health teams, carried signs or whether you have contributed by donating financially or bringing material aid.

Huge thanks goes out to all who have shared notices of protests on social media; who have forwarded events to friends and to everyone who has volunteered during the long Marches and caravans.

There are so many ways that people have made this movement against racism and police terror stronger that it’s impossible to list all of them in a short note.  

Just know that whatever role you have played it is deeply appreciated especially by the friends and loved ones of victims who have spent decades fighting for justice.

As Mary Washington, the mother of Joey Wilbon stated, “We have been carrying this fight for the last twenty years”.  

This weekend we are temporarily taking a break from our own initiatives and supporting the actions of others.  We wanted to make sure you had the information.  

We will not give up fighting for justice until we win!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Peoples Power Assembly



Community members have been protesting at Vince’s Crab House every day because of his deeply racist remarks.  The object is to convince customers not to patronize this business. 

Here is a link from the Baltimore Sun LINK 

Picket Vince’s Crab House

610 Compass Road, Middle River, MD 21220

Monday & Tuesday — hours are 2 pm to 8 pm

Wed to Saturday — hours are 11 am to 8 pm


Protest in Annapolis at Gov. Hogan’s Mansion to Repeal  the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights (LEOBR) and many other issues including affordable housing, end to private prisons, money for Historic Black Campuses and Universities, fund the Kirwan Commission, etc. 

Saturday, June 27, 6 pm in Annapolis

We are leaving from our office at 4 pm

2011 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218

If you are driving on your own car, here are the instructions from the SCLC of Prince George’s County – From SCLC logistics for the route:

Take 50 east to Rowe Blvd.  Make a right on Taylor,  Navy Stadium is right there.  Take the driveway into Stadium, First gate, Gate 6 is where we will park.   It will have “State Employees Parking” on the gate.  The Maryland Capitol Police will have that gate open for us to park for free.  ASSEMBLING: Try to arrive between 5:30-5:45.  The march starts at 6 pm.  We are scheduled from 6-9 pm, but should wrap up before 9:00 pm.  We can assemble at Gate 6.  We will come out of Gate 6 and make a left at Rowe Blvd and Taylor.  Make Right on Taylor, Come to First Light at Rowe and Calvert.  Make immediate Right and march down to Fireman’s Memorial.  The Maryland Capitol Police will Block Off Calvert between Rowe Blvd. and Northwestern.  We will assemble and Rally at the Fireman’s Memorial.   


For those that cannot March, the Prince George’s County Education Association will have a 15 passenger bus to shuttle individuals from the parking lot to the rally location.

The Peoples Power Assembly will be marching with our signs and the “Community Control of Police” banner along with Ujima Peoples Progress Party.  LOOK FOR OUR SIGNS!

Juneteenth and ILWU Local 10 longshore workers call for strike

Juneteenth commemorates the end of chattel slavery in the United States. On this day in 1865, union troops arrived in Galveston Island to inform the enslaved people in Texas that the heinous system of slavery had ended.  This declaration of freedom took place two years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Juneteenth raises the important question of the legacy of slavery and the root causes of white supremacy.  U.S. capitalism was literally built on the backs of African slaves and on the theft of Indigenous lands. The original promise of an acre and a mule to all those enslaved was reneged on and the period of Black reconstruction was overthrown.

The Peoples Power Assembly supports the demand for reparations.We believe  It is up to the Black community to decide how and what form reparations take.

This legacy is still with us today and reflected in modern day police departments whose history can be traced back to the slave catchers and to mass incarceration.

On this day we  pay homage to those who lost their lives in the 1921 massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the bigot Trump is scheduled to speak.  Trump’s appearance in Tulsa during the Juneteenth weekend is deeply disturbing.  The Tulsa massacre  and burning of what is  described as the “Black Wallstreet”, took the lives of hundreds of Black people by white racist mobs.

In commemoration of Juneteenth, we are holding a March and People’s Assembly tomorrow, Saturday, June 20th at 2 pm. Gather at 20th & N Charles St. We will march to City Hall and hold a People’s Assembly where people will share their stories about police abuse and how the money spent on repression and police terror could save our communities instead.

We especially salute the ILWU Local 10 and it’s supporters who are showing the way for all workers today!



Juneteenth Weekend – March & Caravan – Peoples Assembly

March/Car Caravan & Peoples Assembly
Saturday, June 20
Gather 2 pm @ 20th & N. Charles Street
People’s Assembly 3:30 pm
@ City Hall, 
100 Holliday Street 21201


2 PM @ 20th & N. Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218

This weekend we will commemorate
Juneteenth and March against the continuing
epidemic of police killings including Atlanta’s
#RayshardBrooks, and for #GeorgeFloyd,
 #ToyinSalau and all victims
of racism and police killings!


The March will end with a People’s Assembly
3:30 pm @ City Hall, 100 Holliday St. 21201

*Special messages from Rev. Annie Chambers on Juneteenth,
Message from Clarence Thomas, former ILWU Local 10 and
Million Worker March leader, and organizer for Juneteenth
dock workers shut down and others.

*Testimony from the people — Share your stories about police abuse
and how the money spent on repression and police terror could save your community.

*Music by: Anthony Parker aka Wordsmith

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Donations needed to help with mobilization costs.
Every donation regardless of size is deeply appreciated.



KEEP THE STRUGGLE GOING! Baltimore Joins National Protests to Stop Police Terror, Racism, and Repression

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The Peoples Power Assembly is joining with the (NAARPR) National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression and the Movement for Black Lives for national protests this Saturday

We are continuing to amplify the call for justice for all victims of police terror! At this minute our movement is under attack.

We demand:
Cops and National Guard out of our streets!
Release all those arrested! Lift the curfews!
End the violent attacks, including the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades!

This protest will be a march AND a car caravan. If you are driving, gather in the parking lot across the street from 2011 N Charles St.

Please wear a mask and remember to social distance (6 feet apart)!

#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #JusticeForAhmaudArbery #BaltimoreProtest