Baltimore Joins National Day of Protest Against Racism & Repression

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From the National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (NAARPR):

The recently refounded National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression calls upon all its members, comrades, friends and allies to join in a national day of protest on May 30ᵗʰ, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST.

We as a movement have been agitated into taking mass, united action not by the pandemic alone but even more significantly by the Federal Government and the financial lords and barons of Wall Street who, driven by their own greed and lust for political power, are willing to sacrifice the lives, health, safety and wellbeing of the people; who deem their profits and their continuing plunder of the national treasury of our nation more important than the lives of the people.

We will be protesting to stop the racist murder and violence that this administration has willfully unleashed. Not only is the government standing by as COVID-19 ravages African American, Latinx and Indigenous communities—inciting mass Black death with their calls to reopen the economy, but the police and racist vigilantes continue to brazenly hunt and kill Black folks while they sleep in their beds and on open roads in broad daylight. We are protesting the murders of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and Breonna Taylor in Louisville because they are outrages that demand justice. This lynch style, racist terrorism must stop, and perpetrators must be punished.

We are calling for this united action to protest genocidal policies of government that have allowed city and county jails, federal and state prisons, juvenile detention jails, and Immigrant detention centers to become hot beds for COVID-19 infections and death camps for millions. Who are the human beings incarcerated in these so-called correctional facilities?

They are overwhelmingly oppressed Black and Brown people, LGBTQ and Trans people and poor white, working class people. They come to jails and prisons in large part from the 140 million poor people living in America. They cannot voluntarily social distance themselves. Their confinement prevents them from taking action to protect themselves from death-causing infections. Their continued imprisonment under these circumstances is an act of genocide.

We must help them. The prisoners of Cook County jail in Chicago managed to write on one of the windows of the jail: HELP WE MATTER 2.

We are calling this united action to help protect all prisoners from COVID infections and death by demanding that all prisoners be liberated from the death camps that U.S. prisons have become. We demand that the President, Governors and Mayors, Prosecutors and Judges take immediate steps to depopulate jails, prisons and Immigrant detention centers and juvenile facilities.

We are calling this united action to demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and the wrongfully convicted survivors of torture immediately. These prisoners can be released by pardons, commutation of sentences, paroles, furloughs, signature bonds and prosecutors dropping charges and judges granting probations. The federal and state governments have plenty of means for meeting our demands and no reason to deny them other than greed and profiteering off of private prisons and prison labor, the still legal form of slavery under the 13ᵗʰ Amendment.

We will mobilize for car caravan protests and social distancing protests throughout the country. In united action we will standup, fightback and resist to exist. We will not now or ever stand in silence in the face of the crimes of government perpetrated against oppressed peoples and the working class. We must make certain that there is resistance throughout the land in order to have a new and better world after we overcome this pandemic.

Justice for George Floyd!
Justice for Breonna Taylor!
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery!
Black Lives Matter!
Release the Prisoners! Free Them All!


Marlyn Barnes would have been 32 years old if he hadn’t died in Harford County Jail

Marlyn Barnes would have been 32 years old this Thursday if he hadn’t died in Harford County Jail

Let’s show his family and all prisoners still locked up that we care.

Join the Prisoners Solidarity Caravan


Marlyn Barnes would have been 32 years old this Thursday, if he had not died in custody at the Harford County Detention Center.   The jail claims he committed suicide, but his family has not gotten the answers they need from the authorities and they continue to fight for truth and justice in his case.  The number of suicide deaths at Harford County are alarming, just this past month another prisoner allegedly died as a result of suicide. 

Marlyn’s family and the Peoples Power Assembly and Prisoners Solidarity Committee have continued to press for answers and in the midst of this pandemic and to amplify the demands of prisoners locked up Maryland jails who have demanded PPE, adequate showers, soap, hand sanitizer and much more.  

We have joined the national movement in demanding #FreeThemAll.

You can help by joining the Thursday, May 14, car caravan at 4 pm from the Harriet Tubman Solidarity Center, to the local City Jail Complex and then to Marlyn Barnes’ neighborhood in West Baltimore.  We will then participate in a 32 minute caravan to represent how old Barnes would be if he was alive today.

Let’s show his family and the prisoners still locked up that we care.  SIGN UP AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS.  This is important; even if you can’t actually physically participate, it helps to share, post to Facebook, twitter, Instagram, to increase awareness and build support.

We will also have signs calling for Justice for Ahmaud Arbery!

If you can drive or come – here are the instructions:

Gather and stage ourselves at 20th and N. Charles Streets, Baltimore, MD 21218 at 4 pm to decorate cars and get signs.  Wear your mask or scarf and physical distance; please be safe.  

We will  have a lead car, proceed and leave no later than 4:45 pm, and drive with our lights on similar to a funeral procession.   

It’s helpful if you are able to fill out the google form: CLICK HERE FOR FORM

Thank you so much on behalf of the Barnes family.

Stay safe and huge distancing hug from the Peoples Power Assembly

Peoples Power Assembly Condemns Blue Angels & Thunderbirds Fly Over

Peoples Power Assembly Condemns Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Fly Over

blue angels (1)

Our front line workers whether they are nurses, nursing assistants, doctors, hospital janitorial staff or warehouse, grocery, farm, food processing, sanitation, or postal workers need personal protective equipment, full paid sick leave, hazard pay, and safe working conditions–not a $60,000 an hour salute .

People are suffering in Baltimore.  Food insecurity is a reality for families and individuals; unemployment insurance payments have yet to be processed, and teachers and children do not yet have the necessary resources and tools for remote learning.  

The problems of the homeless remain unsolved. Jails and detention centers are steadily becoming death camps.  Immigrant and migrant workers have been effectively shut out of even meager benefits.

It has also been pointed out that the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flight pattern focuses on the white wealthy areas of Baltimore and disregards the Black community.

The close to trillion dollar Pentagon budget has siphoned off badly needed funds for our cities and towns.  This pandemic underscores more than ever the need for global solidarity not war and racism, including sanctions which starve and hold people hostage.  

Trump, send that money to our heroes!



The Peoples Power Assembly is calling for a week of action to show support for all of the workers who are on the front lines keeping us safe.  They include not only hospital workers, nurses, aides, and doctors, but also grocery, warehouse, Amazon, delivery workers, bus drivers, sanitation, postal, FedEx, fast food & restaurant, farm workers, factory, construction and many others. We salute and thank all of these workers who are risking their lives in this pandemic!


The week’s launch will begin on Tuesday, April 28th, “Workers Memorial Day” which was designated by unions  to commemorate workers who lost their lives on the job and to promote safe work conditions.  The week will culminate with a safe “car caravan” on May 1st, May Day, International Workers Day.   Sign up on Facebook:

Here is a list of things that we will be doing.

We invite everyone to join us in any way that you are able.

  • Salute Sanitation workers: Display a sign at your trash pick up site “thanking sanitation workers” or paint or tape it on your trash receptacle.  Use this picture for pre-made signs or make your own.   PDF you Baltimore sanitation workers
  • Distributing thank you flyers to grocery workers, including Target and Walmart.
  • Support postal workers with a sign on or near your mailbox.  PDF you postal workers
  • Tuesday, April 28th, “Workers Memorial Day” press virtual press conference to give voice to workers in our city and state.
  • Wednesday, April 29, Special speak out by an Amazon immigrant worker and other Amazon workers!  Time and details to be announced.                  Call:  410-218-4835.
  • Thursday, April 30, we will hold an appreciation clap, music & signs at shift change at a local hospital to demonstrate our appreciation —      Call 410-218-4835 for details (when and where).  We will wear masks, do social distancing, and have no more than ten persons at a site.
  • The week will culminate with a safe “car caravan” on May 1st, May Day, International Workers Day.   Sign up on Facebook


Strike — Don’t die for Trump, bankers or billionaires!

No work, shopping or paying rent

Workers and community groups across the country are calling for a general strike.  This means that on May Day, International Workers Day, we do not work, shop or pay rent.  If you are able please plan ahead to stay home on Friday, May 1st.

Many essential workers, including hospital workers, grocery, warehouse (Amazon), delivery workers, bus drivers, postal, teachers and FedEx workers and many others are being forced to work without adequate protection.   Workers have a right to refuse unsafe work conditions; and in this case it’s a matter of life and death.  Send a message to bosses everywhere that our lives are more important than their profits.


1. Adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all workers including hospital, grocery, delivery drivers, food and restaurant, retail, sanitation workers, farm workers, bus drivers, postal workers, construction workers;

2.  Declare grocery, delivery drivers, food, warehouse workers, farm workers, etc as essential so that they can have priority in obtaining PPE.

3.  Hazard pay for all, no worker should be paid next to nothing to risk their lives during this pandemic;

4.  Full sick pay for all, including older workers and those who have vulnerable  health conditions who should be allowed to take sick leave to preserve their life and health.

5.  Proper safety precautions including plastic barriers at cash registers, social distancing, and adequate sanitation;

6.  COVID testing for all!

7.  Free healthcare for all

8.  Guaranteed $2,000 a month income for all unemployed workers including gig workers and self-employed .

9.  Relief fund for migrant workers who have been excluded from other funds.

10.  Cancel rents, mortgages & utility bills.

11.   Prisoners are workers too; protect and release prisoners and ICE detainees

12.  Say NO to racism,war and bigotry of all kinds during this pandemic.  We need solidarity with each other to fight the virus


Housing Authority Blocks Elderly & Disabled from Receiving Food

Housing Authority Blocks Elderly & Disabled from Receiving Food

Today Mon, March 30th at 12 pm the Housing Authority of Baltimore City staff members  denied the Franciscan Center and other food pantries from delivering essential groceries to families and senior citizens living in Baltimore’s Douglas Homes public housing development.

Wednesday Thursday and Friday of last week HUD Resident Advisory Board Delegate for Douglas Homes, Reverend Annie Chambers coordinated with several food pantries, including Living Classrooms, the Power House, The Free Farm, and the Franciscan Center to deliver groceries to seniors, the disabled, mothers of newborns, and other Douglas Homes residents that are unable to make it to a grocery store. Food was also distributed to those who cannot afford groceries, as no one was turned away. These groceries include, bread, milk, diapers, infant formula, fresh produce, canned goods, and more.

Today an incident occurred around 12 pm. Several housing authority staff members assembled on the corner of Bond and Orleans street in Douglas Homes. They would not let the Franciscan Center deliver to food to the residents of Douglas Homes. The Housing Authority’s Cheryl Harrison Jackson said that giving away food on Housing Authority property violates Housing Authority rules. Food already delivered was instructed to be thorwn away by Ms. Harrison but the Housing Authority Staff members under her refused to comply.

The director of the Franciscan Center arrived to clarify that their center is an approved food pantry that is allowed by Baltimore City to distribute meals and food during this crisis. The Housing Authority Staff still denied him access to Douglas Home and said they will not allow them or other pantries to make food deliveries even during this crisis.

The Director of The Franciscan Center said “My understanding is that the Housing Authority is saying that you can’t give out food in a public housing setting. Our food consists of bagged lunches, and vegetables and that’s what we’re trying to give out.” The Franciscan Center is one of the many community locations designated by Baltimore City to provide food during this crisis.

The Housing Authority has made it clear that they will continue to deny drop offs from food pantries. Reverend Annie Chambers, who is coordinating the food drop offs, is vowing to do everything in her power to get these groceries to the people in need despite the Housing Authority trying to stop her. The Housing Authority has threatened to evict Rev Chambers when she attempts to distribute food tomorrow (March 31st) even though no evictions are currently allowed due to the Coronavirus Crisis.

Rev Chambers said “We’re here in public housing with no help and no support. Just for giving out food today they threatened to call the cops on us. They threatened to evict me. But I’ll be here again tomorrow to give out more food no matter what! We’re just trying to survive. People here have nothing.”

For more information call Reverend Annie Chambers at 443-768-7682 or text or call her team at 410-996-4848. Her address is 247 North Dallas Court, Baltimore, MD on the corner of Bond and Orleans Street.

Nat’l Webinar 3/28 Defending People During the Coronavirus Crisis

National webinar to hear organizers on the front lines fighting for healthcare, against racism and repression, for workers’ rights and housing, in defense of prisoners and migrants. Learn what we can do to support our communities at this challenging time. Speakers included:*Mahtowin Munro, United American Indians of New England;* Frank Chapman, National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression;* Meg Maloney, New Orleans Hospitality Workers Alliance;*Rasika, Baltimore Amazon warehouse worker; *Nana Gyamfi, Black Alliance for Just Immigration;* Larry Hales, In Defense of Our Lives; Adam Rice, Los Angeles Community Action Network;* Bernadette Ellorin, Spokesperson BAYAN USA;* Ron Gochez, Union del Barrio;* Rev. Annie Chambers, Peoples Power Assembly;* Fernando Figueroa, UPS worker and Teamster;* Pam Africa, MOVE Organization;* Omowale Clay, December 12th Movement; * Berta Joubert-Ceci, Puerto Rico Tribunal and Struggle-La Lucha newspaper;* Irvin McQueen, Pan African Community Action, Washington DC;* Tova Fry, Peoples Alliance (Bay Area);* Lucy Pagoada, Departamento 19 – Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular. The meeting was co-chaired by John Parker, Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice and Sharon Black, Peoples Power Assembly. Let’s build a fight-back network that can face the challenges confronting working people and oppressed communities today and in the weeks and months to come! Join and next steps go to

Support Baltimore & Maryland Amazon Workers – Coronavirus Demands

Baltimore Amazon Workers Organize Campaign in Defense of Workers Lives

Billionaire Jeff Bezos must do better for Amazon warehouse and contract workers during the corona virus crisis.  Below are five demands that local Baltimore and Maryland Amazon workers, present and past, and their supporters are demanding.  We hope you will sign our petition and circulate these demands widely to friends and neighbors. SIGN PETITION

Demand 1.

Daily screening of all workers for fever and outward signs of COVID 19.  Weekly testing for all amazon warehouse workers. Amazon workers are now categorized as essential to public service. Workers must have guaranteed safety networks in place. At any given time there are three to four thousand workers in a single building; this is not just a health risk to those individuals but to the whole community.  Workers must be informed if there is an outbreak of COVID 19 or if a worker tests positive in a timely manner..

Demand 2.

We demand that a minimum of $15.00 an hour extra added to the 15 dollar base pay as hazard pay. Amazon now pays $2.00 extra during the quarantine but the company actually paid $2.40 extra during the holiday periods which is more than they are offering during these extreme health risks. During this crisis and  dangerous conditions it’s not enough. Amazon should not be making extra profit during this pandemic using exploited labor. 

Demand 3.

Workers who are elderly, disabled and have weaker immune systems should be able to stay home with full paid sick leave until the conditions are safe for them to return. We must protect vulnerable workers. 

Demand 4.

End write-ups for failing to meet productivity rates and quotas.  Workers need to have the time to physically sanitize their work areas, wash their hands when needed, and practice safety without fear that they will be written up for working too slow.  This not only protects workers; it protects the community that receives packages.

Demand 5. 

Extend all the above demands to  contract workers at all amazon facilities. As we know all facilities have third party contracted workers who make less than $15 who do all the housekeeping and other work including deliveries.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo has bid 10 billion dollars to fight the Covid19 pandemic. This money is by definition exploited labor. We know Amazon has never paid their fair share in taxes and have profited trillions of dollars throughout the years. They must use some of the money towards the welfare of the workers and the community.  As of this post, workers have tested positive at 8 different warehouses.

Webinar Defending People During the Coronavirus Crisis — Beating Back the Capitalist Attack

Please go to Facebook event to register:

We will be live stream from Peoples Power Assembly Facebook page.

Join us on a national webinar to hear from organizers on the front lines fighting for healthcare, against racism and repression, for workers’ rights and housing, in defense of prisoners and migrants. Learn what we can do to support our communities at this challenging time.

Sat. March 28: 6-9 p.m. Eastern / 5-8 p.m. Central / 3-6 p.m. Pacific

Speakers include:
*Mahtowin Munro, United American Indians of New England
* Frank Chapman, National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression
* Meg Maloney, New Orleans Hospitality Workers Alliance
* Adam Rice, Los Angeles Community Action Network
* Bernadette Ellorin, Spokesperson BAYAN USA
* Ron Gochez, Union del Barrio
* Rev. Annie Chambers, Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly
* Baltimore Amazon warehouse worker
* Fernando Figueroa, UPS worker and Teamster
* Pam Africa, MOVE Organization
* Omowale Clay, December 12th Movement
* Berta Joubert-Ceci, Puerto Rico Tribunal and Struggle-La Lucha newspaper
* Irvin McQueen, Pan African Community Action, Washington DC
* Terri Kay, Peoples Alliance (Bay Area)
* Lucy Pagoada, Departamento 19 – Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular
* Nana Gyamfi, Black Alliance for Just Immigration
* Larry Hales, In Defense of Our Lives
and more!

Let’s build a fight-back network that can face the challenges confronting working people and oppressed communities today and in the weeks and months to come!


The Peoples Power Assembly strongly condemns the racism emanating from the highest levels of the U.S. government which seeks to demonize and blame China during a world pandemic.

Targeting of Chinese and Asian people constitutes a hate crime; it has led to horrific attacks on Asian people both physical and verbal.  

The virus is not the “China or Wuhan virus” any more than it is the “Italian virus” or anywhere else in the world that has been impacted.  It is both shameful and cruel during a world crisis to use racism to divert workers and poor people from building badly needed solidarity.

One should remember that the “Spanish Flu” epidemic never originated in Spain but rather the United States; it was first publicly recognized by Spain.

Racist Neglect

We also condemn the racism inherent in the disregard of those who are most vulnerable, who are mostly Black and Brown people including prisoners, who already are disproportionately impacted by an unjust incarceration system referred to as “mass incarceration” and immigrants who are locked up in horrific detention camps, rightly referred to as concentration camps by many Jewish groups.

We continue to call for the release of prisoners, especially older prisoners, those who have not been tried and are languishing because of lack of bail, and all prisoners convicted of non-violent crimes.  Iran, a country demonized by the Trump regime as repressive, released all of its prisoners.  We continue to call to shut down all detention centers and end deportations.

Solidarity Needed — End Sanctions

The antidote to racism is solidarity both at home and abroad.  It is clear that with most of the world’s people impacted that we live in an interconnected global world that calls for new solutions and global cooperation.  

The United States sanctions and blockades have created hardship and suffering of people all around the globe from Iran to Venezuela, from Cuba to Zimbabwe, and many other countries especially during this pandemic.  The occupation of Palestine and continuing war in the Middle East intensifies death and destruction.

Sanctions and blockades work in two ways, not only in creating terrible hardships in the targeted countries including death, but also in preventing workers and poor here in the United States from benefiting from blocked countries like Cuba.  The immune boosting antiviral drug alpha 2 b Interferon developed by Cuba was used in China and now Italy to help save patients. Nothing has been done by the United States government to work with Cuba to bring this medicine to patients in U.S. hospitals. 

The trillions spent on the Pentagon war machine could pay for healthcare for every single person in this country.  

It’s time to end all sanctions.

If you witness or are a victim of racism please call or text us @ 410-218-4835.



Baltimore Peoples Proposals on Coronavirus Press Conference

Baltimore Peoples Proposals for COVID 19
Press conference & community briefing:
Saturday, March 7, 12 noon at City Hall
100 Holliday Street, Baltimore, MD

As healthcare workers and advocates and as community, civil rights and union organizers we call on City and State officials to begin preparations to protect the people of Baltimore especially those most vulnerable for a COVID-19 outbreak in our community.

We believe there are special considerations to be addressed in Baltimore. For instance, most of our population are low wage workers living paycheck to paycheck; close to 25% live below the poverty line; and a large number of people regardless of age have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease that put them at greater risk for death.

Concerns for the elderly and the poor, the homeless, prisoners and our immigrant population need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

These considerations are not only critical for Baltimore but for workers and the poor across the State of Maryland. As such, we are disseminating this to the Governor, State and Senate Delegates also.

We therefore request a meeting with the Baltimore City Health Department — and other political officials and leaders so that we can jointly address our specific concerns and our proposals.

Concrete proposals and questions:

Full paid sick and family leave to all impacted workers for the duration of the time that workers are forced to be off their jobs. This includes workers who are sick or quarantined and also school workers including teacher support staff, custodial workers, etc. It includes parents who are forced to stay home with children.

No reprisals or job losses for workers who are sick, quarantined or taking care of school children or family members.

Halt evictions, foreclosures, water and utility shutoffs for those who are sick, quarantined or cannot work due to the crisis.

Develop a plan on how food can be distributed and delivered to vulnerable families and individuals who cannot stockpile supplies.

A large number of school children in Baltimore City depend on school provided lunches.  Implement a plan in each school to deliver lunches to children in the advent of school closing. Include teachers, their union, and parents in this plan.

Provide a phone hotline staffed by medical professionals so that those who do not have primary doctors or nurses can get clear health instructions so that testing and other home services can be coordinated.

Provide free broadband internet service through Comcast so that all city residents including students without service can be connected for emergency communication and school work.

Develop a free app that can be downloaded to phones and computers so that alerts can be sent out to dispel rumors and deliver people oriented preventative health education.

Make sure everyone is fully covered for all medical treatment including testing and suspend debt in the advent of a major crisis.

Protect all healthcare and front line workers; consult with union representatives from the National Nurses United, 1199 Healthcare Workers Union, United Food and Commercial Workers and with workers directly. Make sure that there is adequate personal protective equipment for all front line workers.

Develop and distribute an app for all willing and able health care providers, nurses, doctors, EMS from the broader community so that they may be called up to act as front line teams if needed.

Make special provisions now for undocumented and immigrant families who may be fearful in reporting illness due to fear of deportation. This includes suspending all deportations and consulting with the immigrant community.

Make sure that plans are being made to specifically service the homeless both in shelters and in the street.

Address the rights of those who are incarcerated especially those in City Jail to make sure that loved ones who are locked up are not forgotten and at risk.

What is being done by the Mass Transit Administration to ensure commuters and bus riders are as safe as possible i.e. frequently cleaning. .

We ask that the City and State Government dispel racism and racist stereotypes that have been promulgated during this pandemic and that accurate medical information be made widespread to the public now rather than later through TV and radio ads. It is critical that no community is targeted or blamed.

The people of Baltimore and the many organizations that they belong to are a tremendous resource that can be drawn on in a time of crisis.

The City and State government has the power to declare a State of Emergency to provide for the people and take action to promote not only people’s health and safety, but to protect people from evictions, job and wage losses, and much more.

Addressing these proposals protects the health of the entire population. Unless low wage workers, the poor and those most vulnerable are assured that they will not be stigmatized or suffer great losses, they will be less able and willing to self-quarantine. Unless we involve front line healthcare workers and community organizers in being part of the solution, we will be hampered in fighting an epidemic.